Episode 35: Heeeeeeeeeey!!! :P

In a fun new game, Sal, Quinn and Fatone harass Shaq. Then they go after everyone else in their phone book. Play along!
Direct download: WhatSayYou-35.mp3

Episode 34: Quicksand

Joey Fatone joins Quinn and Sal for a rousing discussion of quicksand. If you love quicksand, then this episode is for you.
Direct download: WhatSayYou-34.mp3

Episode 33: I Don’t Know How She Does It

Quinn and Sal reflect upon Sarah Jessica Parker. Sal takes us through his educational past.
Direct download: WhatSayYou-33.mp3

Episode 32: Vulcano For You

Sal talks about his favorite TV show. Quinn turns down Kathy Ireland and Samantha Fox for proper temperature control.
Direct download: WhatSayYou-32.mp3

Episode 31: Fatty…Fatty…Fatty

Sal and Q turn their attention to Juggalos now
Direct download: WhatSayYou-31.mp3

Episode 30: My Child Is A Dud

Sal and Quinn are back in the saddle again, this time recounting childhood scars and shining a spotlight on useless human beings.
Direct download: WhatSayYou-30.mp3

Episode 29: The Ballad of Tampa Tony

Steve Byrne and Roy Wood Jr. hang out with Sal and Quinn at the Wild West Comedy Festival
Direct download: WhatSayYou-29.mp3

Episode 28: You’re An Ass

Sal and Quinn discuss the perils of eBay. Sal receives an invoice for services rendered.
Direct download: WhatSayYou-28.mp3

Episode 27: Theater Buddies

Sal and Quinn recommend that if you live in an area where weed is legal, you smoke it before listening to this episode. Everyone else, maybe drink?
Direct download: WhatSayYou-27.mp3

Episode 26: Junior Varsity 2: Dick Pic With A Vengeance

Joe and Casey fill-in for Salvadore and Quincy and get right to the drama circulating around the infamous dick pic send to Casey’s dad.
Direct download: WhatSayYou-26.mp3
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